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7 Holiday Vacation Tips for Landlords

Holiday & vacation tips for landlords to delegate tasks, set rent collection up on auto-pilot, and even outsource maintenance requests while you relax or travel!

How Much Can I Rent My House For?

”How much can I rent my house for?” is an important question for landlords. You should factor in the 1% rule, condition of the property, and market value to answer.

How to Set Up an LLC for Rental Property

Setting up an LLC for rental property isn’t always necessary for owning and managing rental properties, but can be beneficial for your real estate business.

How to Manage a Salon Booth Rental

There are a lot of aspects of a salon booth rental business that you can manage with RentRedi: renting a chair, lease contracts, calendar management, and marketing.

How To Sell A House That’s In Poor Condition

Just because a given property isn’t in the best condition doesn’t mean it won’t sell. Here’s how to sell a house in poor condition as strategically as possible!