RentRedi is making it easier than ever for landlords and tenants to collect and pay rent payments—all from the convenience of their phone. Our no-stress payment features and headache-free accounting exports ensure that tenants can pay their rent from anywhere, anytime and that landlords can keep track of rent payments or any other invoices.

Mobile Rent Payments for Tenants

Once your tenants and properties are all set up, tenants can make rent payments from their mobile devices! They have the option to pay with credit, debit, or ACH bank accounts—with no fee to you. Landlords are automatically notified when payments are made. Roommates are also automatically notified when another tenant pays rent, reminding them to also pay.

Accept ACH-Only Payments

Landlords have the option to determine whether to accept all (debit, credit, ACH) payments or just ACH payments.

Set Up Recurring Rent

You can set up a tenant’s rent for the entirety of their lease all at once. Simply enter the amount of rent on their tenant card and input the number of occurrences (e.g., 12 occurrences for a year-long lease or 24 occurrences for a two-year-long lease).

Online Rent Payments Image: Graphic with RentRedi app demonstrating how rent payments are shown on mobile devices for landlords and tenants
Automatic Late Fees

Landlords can set up automatic late fees to encourage on-time rent payments and set a cap in compliance with any state laws. RentRedi lets you input a grace period, first-time late fee, recurring late fee, and a max late fee— by percentage or by dollar amount.

Allow or Prevent Partial or Full Payments

You can choose whether or not to allow all payments from tenants (i.e., full or partial payments) or block partial or all payments from tenants.

Monthly Rent Reminders

Tenants can schedule a recurring notice for themselves in the tenant app!  We allow tenants to schedule it so that they can line it up with their payday. 

Landlord Notifications

Landlords are automatically notified when payments are made! Roommates are also automatically notified when another tenant makes a payment, reminding them to also pay rent.

Track Non-Electronic Rent Payments

If a tenant pays you with cash, check, money order, or a Section 8 voucher, you can record the payment in your RentRedi dashboard to stay organized. 

Organized Payment Records and Tracking

Organized accounting with the ability to export tenant charges (invoices) and payments received directly to Spreadsheets or Quickbooks Online.

With RentRedi, paying, collecting, and organizing rent payments has never been easier! Tenants can pay right from their mobile device with credit, debit, or ACH. If you’re ready to get started collecting rent payments, click here!