Renters Insurance through RentRedi

You can now see if your tenants have renters insurance through RentRedi!

We’ve updated our dashboard so that you can see if tenants are insured or notify them to get insurance if they are not. ​

The umbrella will be green if they’re insured and red if they’re not. 

You can also click into the tenant’s card to ask them to get insurance or mark them as insured if they’ve purchased insurance outside of RentRedi. If they purchase renters insurance through RentRedi, their status will be automatically updated! 

Getting Renters Insurance through RentRedi

Insurance is important for tenants to have because it protects their personal property in the case of unexpected damages or theft. Renters insurance is relatively cheap, costing the equivalent of a restaurant meal or a month of Netflix. Fortunately, it’s easy for tenants to purchase renters insurance through RentRedi. In their RentRedi tenant app, all they have to do is tap the “Insure” icon to be directed to fill out their information to receive a quote.

Our tenant app is also easy to use for rent (with rent reminders and the tenant can set up auto-payment options) and to send maintenance requests with a 5-second video. Best of all, tenants actually like using RentRedi.