5 Summer DIY Projects to Refresh Your Rentals

Are you looking for a few summer DIY projects to give your rental a little cost-effective upgrade while also keeping yourself (and maybe the kids) occupied? Thankfully, the possibilities are endless—from some deep cleaning to simply swapping out some old hardware, you can refresh your rentals cheaply for your summer DIY projects.

1. Freshen up an old paint job

This can be anything external to internal. If you’re looking to throw a little creativity into your rental, consider painting an “accent” wall with a fun color. Pick a bold paint color, then paint one wall in the room. This way, the color isn’t overwhelming, you won’t have to spend as much time painting, and it will cost less.

Looking for color inspiration? Colors like sunshine yellow, sky blue, green grass green, coral pink, and lilac are going to be popular this summer.

2. Give it a big ol’ power wash

Ugh, if there’s anything more satisfying than power washing off…well, anything, I haven’t found it yet. A pressure washer can give new life to the exterior of your home—especially if a chore like “restain porch” is also on your summer to-do list. A power washer is good for getting rid of the grime before you paint. 

3. Do some landscaping

Summer is great for DIY rental projects and…lawn work! Fun, right!? My mother yelling at me to get off my ass and go pull some weeds was certainly the highlight of my summer! If you’re rental has some yard, take the whole family on over for a fun day of cutting grass, pulling weeds, bedding, sowing, planting, etc. 

4. Shampoo any carpeted areas

Actually, shampooing a carpet may be just as satisfying as power washing! Carpets get dingier and run down over time, almost without us noticing it. Shampooing a grubby carpet can make them look almost new again, depending on the wear and tear they’ve experienced. If you don’t have a shampooer, you can usually rent one from hardware stores. Depending on the size of your rental and the number of rooms with carpeting, you could have the floors shampooed in an hour or so and the satisfaction of a much cleaner room.

5. Update Your Kitchen/Light Fixture Hardware

If you’re looking for a low-energy, low-cost project, updating your kitchen hardware and outlet covers could be a good way to satisfy the summer project itch in a cost-effective way. Make sure you go-round and measure what you’ll need for cupboard knobs and drawer pulls before heading to the store or ordering off Amazon. 

For outlet and light switch covers, brass or brightly colored covers can add a little extra something (and maybe compliment an accent wall?) to a typical white or beige rental.

Other Summer DIY Projects for Your Home or Your Rental

Looking to get really hands-on and build something? There are plenty of summer DIY projects on Pinterest you can explore if you’re looking for a way to refresh your own or your rental’s outdoor area and give it a little touch of comfort for the next tenants—such as building a garden box or a picnic table.

If you’re thinking more of long-term upgrades for your rentals, consider updating your rental with amenities renters will seek as a result of the pandemic or even installing smart thermostats. These could also be added to your summer DIY projects list or contractor jobs, depending on the upgrade. Then, after a day’s hard work, make sure you treat yourself to some ice cream. (It is summer, after all!)