Tenant Communication: In-App Notifications to Tenants

Let’s face it, one of the most difficult aspects of being a landlord or a tenant is the communication breakdown between the two parties or playing email or phone “tag” to try and resolve an issue. This is why good property management software will not only help you collect rent online, but also provide some channel of tenant communication.

Tag is a fun game when you’re 10 years old, but when you’re trying to send updates or reminders to tenants, it can be difficult to know how to send communications effectively.

And each channel of tenant communication has its pros and cons. 

Email is quick and easy to use, but it’s difficult to coordinate times or have a fruitful conversation. Also, emails are easily lost in inboxes. Texting is a little faster than email but presents the same problems. Tenants can take a while to respond or not respond at all. Also, do you really want tenants to access to your personal number? Same with a phone call. Although you might have a business line, people often have an aversion to talking on the phone.

Tenant Communication: In-App Notifications to Tenants

That’s why we developed in-app notifications to tenants. This is an efficient, one-way avenue of tenant communication that ensures you can quickly and easily send a message to tenants in their RentRedi app that informs them of any important announcements, rent reminders, or updates.

tenant push notifications

We recently updated our notifications dashboard, so you can see a preview of what your notification will look like. You can also send these in-app notifications by unit, by property, or to all tenants. 

Importantly, RentRedi’s tenant app is easy for tenants to use. They can prequalify, apply, pay rent, and send maintenance requests. They can also set up auto-pay and schedule recurring rent reminders.

Staying connected and communicating with each other is especially important during this time, RentRedi’s features like in-app notifications can make it easier to ensure your tenants are aware of announcements, updates, and rent reminders.