Get Peace of Mind Managing Properties & Maintenance

Easy to use mobile tech with a feature for every step of the landlord process.

Join the 65,000+ units using maintenance coordination.

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Hands-off Maintenance

Busy landlords can now spend more time doing what they are interested in and less time handling maintenance requests. Take a break from maintenance!

Easily manage or outsource maintenance requests

Spend more time doing what you want and less time handling maintenance requests! You can use a standard maintenance request form or add hands-off maintenance coordination through RentRedi's Latchel partnership.

Rent Payments

Easy mobile and online rent collection without any hidden fees!

We offer a Landlord app to manage rent, late fees, evictions, and send reminders, along with a Tenant app for rent payment and auto-pay.

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Tenant Screening

Identify high-quality tenants, quickly!

Prequalify prospective tenants, plus offer screening for $35 to prospective tenants. With our mobile app, you can view applications and hit “accept” all from your phone.

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List & Market Properties

Reduce vacancy and turnover time with free syndicated listings to, Doorsteps, and RentRedi. Everything you need to crosspost your listings in one place.

Sign and Store Leases and Documents

Signing leases can take too many steps to sign.

While there are free e-signing tools, they offer no security and no ease of access to the file. E-signing in RentRedi allows for the lease and documents to be signed without the need of other apps, folders, or a printer.

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Provide Affordable Renter's insurance

RentRedi has partnered with Sure, an insurance tech company, to offer your tenants a low-cost insurance option. Tenants can purchase renter’s insurance within their RentRedi tenant app or upload their current policy for your records.

Frequently Asked Questions

RentRedi costs as little as $9/month.

We offer monthly ($19.95/mo), 3-month ($15/mo), or annual ($9/mo) subscriptions. All plans are unlimited: unlimited tenants, units, team members, listings, and customer support.

Once you set up your tenants and units, tenants can begin paying rent with a credit card, debit card, or bank account. Payments can be made right from their mobile devices. Tenants will incur a payment processing fee for each payment ($1.00 ACH or 2.9% plus $0.30 for credit cards). 

In the app, tenants can set up an automated monthly reminder for when rent is due or set up auto-payments to automatically pay rent on their preferred day.

Landlords do not incur any payment fees and there is no charge for additional tenants or units. If needed, you can split or block rent payments.

Mobile-submitted rent payments are typically processed between 1-7 business days.

We provide hands-on product support and online demos. If your matter is urgent, you can chat with us at any time, using the blue chat box in the bottom right-hand corner. We offer quick response times with a real human and phone support to directly resolve your problem. We also have sections on our website to help both landlords and tenants

Yes, you can watch a demo of RentRedi here!

Just getting started or need time to think? You can create an account and, as long as you omit the payment method afterwards, you will not be charged for the following period. When you’re ready to re-activate your account, simply add your payment method to activate your account again.

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