Ryan Barone
Founder, CEO

After 18 months of development, we are launching RentRedi, the most innovative and affordable property management solution on the market and we are also inviting you to be part our journey as an investor.

RentRedi is the first and only property management solution to be "
Mobile-Driven" providing a user-friendly experience for the tenant with applications, rent payments, maintenance requests, insurance quotes and more.  Landlords are able to manage their properties from anywhere, anytime using their mobile device, tablet or laptop.

RentRedi is affordable.  We built RentRedi for smaller landlords, bucking the trend in the industry.  While any size landlord or property manager will find it a great solution, the smaller landlord represents the largest segment of the market, representing 87% of the 22.8 million landlords in the U.S.

    Why RentRedi?

RentRedi is redefining what property management software is and who it is for.  Of the 22.8 million landlords in the US, 87% own less than 5 units and 45% self-manage, yet the vast majority of property management software is written for large landlords and large property management companies, leaving the bulk of landlords with the option of software they can't afford or using spreadsheets, text messages, phone calls and emails.

Tenant turnover at 50% shows that tenants are not connected to landlords in a way that builds a lasting relationship.  Our conversations with tenants show that they feel disconnected once they move in with little contact unless there is a problem and have difficulty communicating problems such as submitting maintenance requests.

RentRedi will provide affordable software that helps create a relationship with the tenant to make renting easier, thereby reducing turnover, increasing profit and saving time for both landlords and tenants.

Join us as we Make Renting Easy.

The Problem

Landlord Perspective
Property management software is too expensive for small landlords.  High on-board and monthly fees cause smaller landlords to lose time and profits using spreadsheets, email and phone calls to manage a small portfolio.  The lack of a good communication system results in higher turnover.
Tenant Perspective
The application process is cumbersome with paper applications, copies, and faxes of documents to prospective landlords.  Renters then feel disconnected because the relationship with the landlord ends with move-in.  They have difficulty communicating simple needs such as maintenance requests.
Smaller landlords are doing their best, but they need a system that is affordable.  
​In order to grow, they need to reduce the time needed to manage each unit by eliminating repetitive tasks, minimize turnover by building formalized relationships with tenants, and increase profitability by refocusing effort on revenue-drivers without raising their overhead costs.

Utilizing mobile technology is the right solution, but until now this has been
unavailable or very expensive to build.

Market Opportunity

There are 111,878,904 renters and 22,980,605 landlords in the US.
At an average revenue of $14 per month per owner
Total Addressable Market or TAM is  $3.8 Billion

current firm approach (competitors)

Our competition has developed costly software, targeted to large owners and property managers,
​with expensive on-board fees, per unit fees add on fees. 
They may provide web portals but are behind in providing mobile apps for landlords and tenants.

our approach. mobile driven, for everyone.

how we stack up

our revenue model allows us to be a value provider
at a very low cost to the landlord
We derive revenue directly from landlord subscriptions fees, tenant screening,
insurance referral fees, moving referral fees, and
​push-offers for credit cards & other financial products.

customer acquisition

target revenue (2018)

Our revenue model shows the landlord fee at just $10 per month in our first two years as we expect a large percentage of early adopters to come from partnership deals with associations and real estate agents with owners will receiving discounts of 40-50% off the the published price.

target revenue (2019)


Ask & Use of Funds

Total funds to be raised in this round: $500,000
Thank you for your time and consideration.  Please feel free to reach out to us for more information.