We developed RentRedi for the masses.

Shortly into our development, we began speaking with owners of all sizes, from all parts of the country. What we heard over and over was that Property Management Software was too expensive. Smaller owners could not afford the onboarding fees, minimum monthly charges and add ons. Larger owners told us that the per unit fees were too high and could add up thousands of dollars per month.

We decided then to build a product that would work for all, allow for continuous improvement from owners suggestions and be affordable by all owners.

As such we decided to charge each user just $10 per month.

There are NO ONBOARD FEES, NO PER UNIT FEES and NO ADD ON FEES. Our pricing is simple, affordable and makes sense. At $10 per month per user, an owner of just one unit can afford RentRedi and an owner of a thousand units canvas can use the extra funds to invest or purchase another property.