5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying First Rental Property | Video

In today’s episode, real estate investor & house hacker Dan Kohan discusses the five things he wishes he knew before buying his first rental property!

One of the things Dan wishes he knew before buying his first house hack is the best way to collect rent. He researched various options—like cash, check, or bank transfer—before eventually realizing that property management software was the best way.

While he started with different software, he eventually found RentRedi. The #1 benefit?

No more knocking on doors to collect rent! 🙂

Check out the other things Dan wishes he’d known!

  1. Screening tenants
  2. Create & write a lease
  3. Collecting rent
  4. Costs of property types
  5. Primary residence vs investment property

What do you wish you’d known before buying your first rental property?

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