8 Month Update! Review Of Rental Management Platform | Video

In today’s episode, real estate investor Dan Kohan explains how using a rental management platform has changed his business experience for the better.

Managing your own rental properties can be time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating. But, RentRedi is the best all-in-one rental management platform for landlords and tenants. We make renting easy. You can receive applications, vet prospective tenants, collect rent (even cash!), remotely handle maintenance requests, and more all from your smartphone.

Tune in to see why Dan loves RentRedi—and why you will, too!

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RentRedi’s rental management platform is the best in the biz because we are always listening to customer feedback. We want to know what landlords and tenants need to make their renting experience better than ever. That’s why all our features are direct landlord requests.

Landlords can collect ACH, cash, and card payments, set recurring rent reminders, set up automatic late fees, and more. Tenants can pay rent, set up auto-pay, and even report on-time rent payments to TransUnion and Experian!

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