Best Real Estate Investing App for Landlords and Tenants

Self-described, “not tech guys”, Scott and Jacob, Owners of Leo and Heckford Investments, love using RentRedi as their real estate investing app! Additionally, they like using RentRedi’s notification feature to let tenants know that rent is due or overdue.

But, what’s their FAVORITE thing about RentRedi? It’s so simple to use a 5-year-old could use it!

Best Real Estate Investing App for Landlords and Tenants


Scott: We found the best property management software which is RentRedi.

We had two house fires in a month! Do you give up or you keep on going? We’re not going to give up we’re going. To keep on going really, RentRedi has helped us with that.

Jacob: My name is Jacob Heckford, Leo and Heckford Investments. I’m the project manager/owner.

Scott: Scott Leo, co-owner of the company, glorified property manager.

Together, me and him have like 30 units. I want to be about 150 to 200 in the next two years. Two years after that I want to be in the hundreds.

Jacob: I hear about it every day too.

Scott: We bought a 16-unit apartment building and started making a lot more money, and now we’re trying to scale that to buy more and more properties. 

It doesn’t matter how good a deal is if you can’t manage it.

Jacob: I was looking for a software program that can help us manage the units and so I found RentRedi. 

I’d say me and Scott’s not the, you know, the tech guys.

Scott: I’m scared of tech. I hate it.

Jacob: And so I was looking for something simple. 

So Easy a 5-Year-Old Can Do It!

Scott: This app is great because a five-year-old could figure it out. My little nephew could figure it out. So if he can figure it out, I can figure it out. You know it’s awesome.

Before RentRedi, I didn’t have a software so when paying it would pay rent late I would have to explain to them, “Hey, look, that’s a $50 late fee.” RentRedi takes the emotion out of it. 

I don’t have to drive all the way to that house to tell them that they’re late on rent because they’re getting notified every day. 

Jacob: I like notifications. If we get a hard freeze coming which, you know, shuts the whole South down, I’ll tell my tenants, look, leave the sinks trickling, open the cabinets. And so I sent out a notification to all my tenants every single one of them within one click. And that’s awesome.

Scott: It’s also tenant-friendly. They love it this is great. You know, you mean, I don’t have to talk to you at all.
Jacob: RentRedi, they really try to service the investors and the tenant by making things simple for us. We know we can scale with this product and not to worry about any issues. We had an issue, I think we could get an answer real quick.

How to Use RentRedi to Manage Your Investment Properties

Using RentRedi to manage your rental properties is as easy as Scott & Jacob say it is!

  • Set up rent charges and auto-late fees
  • Find and screen tenants
  • List and manage unlimited units
  • Sign leases and handle repair requests

Plus, get support every step of the way! We’re here to help your business succeed using property management software.

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