BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast Featuring CEO Ryan Barone

David Greene and Rob Abasolo share RentRedi’s founding story with BiggerPockets members. Tune into this interview with RentRedi CEO Ryan Barone on why RentRedi is amazing and get a bonus demo with Ashley Kehr!

RentRedi’s Founding Story

If you can believe it, RentRedi was initially started as a tenant mobile app. RentRedi CEO Ryan Barone was apartment-hunting in NYC with his friends when he discovered that it was difficult to gather the application documents quickly. As a result, he started creating an app where he and his friends could store their W-2s, bank statements, and more so they could quickly send them to prospective landlords.

However, after building the app’s prototype, Ryan began speaking with landlords and found there were renting issues on both sides of the process. So, he began developing more features for landlords and tenants to easily and efficiently manage their renting process.

Now, RentRedi is a full-fledged property management software that offers landlords online rent collection, tenant screening, listings, lease signing, maintenance, and more. For tenants, they pay rent using RentRedi’s mobile app, which also empowers them to add-on credit rent reporting, apply and prequalify for units, sign leases, store documents, and submit repair requests.

BiggerPockets Partnership

Recently, BiggerPockets partnered with RentRedi to offer it’s Pro members free access to property management software. Now, if you’re a BP Pro member, simply sign into RentRedi right from your Pro page!