Closing 1,000 Real Estate Deals in 18 Years with Melissa Johnson | Video

Full-time real estate investor & mom of 5, Melissa Johnson joins host Stacy Rossetti to talk real estate deals! Melissa has closed over 1,000 transactions in her real estate investing career and brings a wealth of knowledge to this discussion.

Melissa started investing in 2003 when her father-in-law was flipping houses. She was bored and felt stuck in her 9-5 so she started to look for something else that was more exciting. Enter real estate investing!

Beginning with rehabs and owner-packaged notes, she leveraged the advice she received from a real estate mentor to help her get started and to help finance her first investments.

Melissa believes that the secret to her success was and is self-education! She took it upon herself to learn everything about real estate that she could in the early 2000s and that has paid off in dividends.

When the real estate market became rocky in 2006, Melissa used her knowledge of creative financing to build a portfolio, taking advantage of a downturn. She shifted back into rehabs in 2008 and into wholesaling in 2010.

Melissa and Stacy talk about how to shift with the market and how to choose an exit strategy that allows you to find success in any market.

If you are not sure how to handle the market today, this is a wonderful conversation that talks about how to leverage a changing market to build and scale a real estate investment portfolio.

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