Creative Ways To Find Tenants For Your Rental Property

Want to know creative ways to find tenants? These days, technology provides a wealth of tools at our disposal to find applicants for your vacancy.

Whether or not you are using real estate investment properties as a way to generate passive income or as a side hustle, you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting money back on your rentals to cover the initial costs of purchasing the property.

When it comes to occupying your rental, finding the perfect tenant can be challenging. First, you have to instate a process for collecting tenant prequalifications, rental applications, and tenant screenings. But, it’s an essential part of managing investment properties, because when you find a great tenant, you have the potential for consistent, recurring, long-term revenue.

Real Estate Investor, Dan Kohan, shares his thoughts on the best ways to find the applications for your properties.  Check out his video and make sure to like & subscribe for more rookie real estate investing content!

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