From Foreclosure to Investor—How House Hacking Changed My Life! | Video

In today’s episode, host Stacy Rossetti sits down with Alicia Jarboe, real estate agent and investor, to discuss how she went from foreclosure to owning a real estate company.

In 2013, Alicia and her family were dealing with a foreclosed home and moving into a rental as they tried to break into the real estate market. After purchasing a 4-unit multi-family building with only 3.5% down, they successfully house-hacked their way back to owning their own single-family home.

What’s on the horizon for Alicia and her husband? Increasing passive income and industrial/commercial real estate investing. Stacy, as we all know, is the storage unit investing queen of Georgia and has the perfect piece of advice: “The more I invest, the lazier I get!” Storage units are perfect for the lazy (or lucrative!) investor. 🙂

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Alicia joined the Jarboe team full-time in August of 2016, coming from a high-end millwork and construction company. In addition to being Justin’s wife and business partner, she is also the Director of Operations, focusing on accountability, growth, and opportunity for the team. She enjoys spending time with their toddler, Jackson, baking, trying out new recipes, downhill skiing, hiking, traveling, and tap dancing.

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