Increase Your Cash Flow with Cost Segregation! | Video

Storage unit investing queen Stacy Rossetti sits down with Joseph Viery, Owner of US Tax Advisors Group, INC. If you’re a real estate investor, you might have stumbled across the concept of “cost segregation” while doing your taxes.

Joseph explains how he works with real estate investors to find taxable income from investment properties (anything from SFH to storage units!) that can be accelerated in its depreciation to reduce your taxable income—and increase your cash flow!

Why Look into Cost Segregation?

Joseph is a depreciation acceleration expert—depreciation is a valuable tax technique because it reduces taxable income to increase your cash flow.

  1. If you’re an active real estate investor, you can use cost seg for accelerated depreciation
  2. Most owners can find reducible income tax.
  3. Don’t try & do it on your own. Go with an engineering-based company that can provide an evaluation. Tax rules are tricky, and audits from the IRS can be costly!

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