Reach Financial Freedom with Different Real Investing Strategies

From board games to financial freedom!

Today, Stacy sits down with Kendra Barnes, real estate investor and founder of The Key Resource.

Kendra is a real estate investor who has used the buy & hold strategy to reach financial freedom with her husband. Formerly working for the government, she played the game “Cash Flow” on a Saturday night and was looking for rental properties by Monday morning!

Cash Flow is a board game that’s similar to Monopoly but mimics real life better. The object of the game is to get out of the “rat race” of life. To get out of that race, you have to invest & get passive income to live your dream life. Realizing that she needed to invest in real estate to win “Cash Flow” and win real-life, she bought her first duplex and has never looked back.

As Stacy says, the real estate game requires courage & grit!

Today, Kendra diversifies her rental strategies with SFHs, MFHs, Airbnbs, Section 8, travel nurse rentals, and long-term tenants. Her passion is demystifying real estate investing & showing others how they can build wealth and be boss real estate investors!

Kendra’s #1 advice? You don’t need to be wealthy to start real estate investing, just start with what you have right now!

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