Rising Tide Startups Podcast | RentRedi

Guest starring in this episode of the Rising Tide Startups Podcast is Ryan Barone, CEO of RentRedi! Ryan is the brain behind RentRedi, an innovative software transforming the way independent landlords manage their investment properties.

With a host of features, RentRedi makes managing the renting experience as easy as possible for both landlords and tenants. Tune in to this episode where Rising Tide Startups Podcast host Kevin Prewett speaks with Ryan about starting a business, how to leverage customer feedback, and what’s on the horizon for RentRedi. 

Rising Tide Startups Podcast | RentRedi & Ryan Barone

About RentRedi

The idea for RentRedi all began when PACE graduate Ryan Barone lost out on a fantastic NYC apartment. He and his friends couldn’t gather their application documents quickly enough to secure the rental and, as a result, lost out on the apartment. However, this experience showed Ryan that the real estate market might benefit from the use of technology to streamline the renting process.

Thus, RentRedi was born.

Ryan initially began building the RentRedi app as a way for tenants to upload and store their rental application documents so they could easily send them to potential landlords. However, after speaking with more and more landlords, he realized that there were issues on both sides of the renting experience that tech could help solve.

Soon, RentRedi developed web and mobile apps for both landlords and tenants. Now, independent real estate investors have an easy-to-use system to collect rent, list properties, screen tenants, sign leases, and manage maintenance. 

Additionally, tenants have web and mobile apps they can use to pay rent, report rent payments to credit bureaus, set up auto-pay, apply and prequalify, submit repair requests, and purchase renters insurance.