Why Large and Small Investors Need Property Management Software | AAOA Webinar

In this webinar hosted by American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA), RentRedi’s CEO Ryan Barone discusses how property management software can be used by both large and small investors.

For those of you unfamiliar with RentRedi, it is landlord-tenant software that enables you to collect rent, screen tenants, list units, sign leases, and manage maintenance & accounting. For tenants, it provides a convenient app to pay rent (ACH, cash, or card), set up auto-pay, submit maintenance requests, boost credit, and purchase renters insurance.

Check out the webinar below to learn more & enjoy!

Wondering if property management software is right for your business?

Whether you’re on your first property or tenth, rental management software can be super beneficial for your real estate investing journey.

Not only does property management software provide you with tools like rent collection, tenant screening, maintenance management, and listing sites, it also eases the renting process for your tenants as well!

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