6 Best Real Estate Investing Classes

Real estate investing classes can be extremely beneficial when it comes to learning about investing strategies, how to get started investing, and how to manage your properties once you’ve purchased them.

However, where to start with classes? We think the best investing classes come right from the biggest source of real estate knowledge: BiggerPockets.

Check out their real estate investing classes they have available below!

Interactive Real Estate Investing Classes

In BiggerPockets interactive real estate investing classes, you’ll get a host of resources & content, interactive classes, and live learning and groups with other aspiring investors.

  • BRRRR Bootcamp: Hosted by Henry Washington, you’ll learn what BRRRR is and how to fund deals. You will also research the best deals and how to manage your investment property. All sign-ups receive a copy of ‘BRRRR’ The Rental Property Strategy Made Simple by David Greene.
  • Multifamily Bootcamp: Co-instructed by Matt Faircloth and Justin Fraser, the multifamily real estate investing class offers you customized learnings about commercial real estate investing and how to manage your portfolio. You will also receive a copy of Matt Faircloth’s: Raising Private Capital.
  • Short-Term Rental Bootcamp: Taught by Avery Carl, in this class you’ll learn about how to purchase and manage short-term rentals. As a bonus, you’ll also get a free copy of Short Term Rental, Long Term Wealth, authored by Avery Carl.
  • Rookie Bootcamp: Co-hosted by Ashley Kehr and Tyler Madden, this bootcamp is all about real estate investing for newbies in the industry. Learn the basics and how to purchase your first deal with this class! All attendees receive a copy of Ashley Kehr’s book, Real Estate Rookie: 90 Days to Your First Investment.

Self-Guided Real Estate Investing Classes

Many of BiggerPockets interactive bootcamps are also available as self-guided real estate investing classes as well. This includes Multifamily Bootcamp, Short-Term Rental Bootcamp, and Rookie Bootcamp.

  • Additionally, BiggerPockets also offers a House Hacking Bootcamp hosted by Craig Curelop. This course navigates what house hacking is, how to find your first deal, and this strategy can help you build wealth.
  • Further, there is also the Rookie Landlord Bootcamp, taught by Ashley Kehr, that will help new landlords explore how to efficiently manage their first rental property.


Real estate investing classes are a helpful tool when it comes to learning different real estate investing strategies, how to get started in real estate, and how to manage your portfolio once you’ve taken the plunge. 

Additionally, check out real estate investing podcasts to supplement your learning!