The median lease is 1 year.
50% of all tenants that move out do not have to: job change, no family needs, no reason other than they want to.

That's 50% of your Turnover, and a chunk of your Time and Profit.

We believe it doesn't have to be this way.

We believe you can Improve your profitability,
Reduce time managing each unit, and Minimize tenant turnover.

Here are 6 ways how

Our focus is on reducing your time to manage your properties,
increasing your profitability, reducing turnover and connecting owners and tenants.

  • Save Time, By Only Showing to Qualified Renters

  • Allow renters to find out faster and cheaper

First of its Kind

Have potential renters send you a Pre-Qualification Application before you show. Saving you time with people that may not have the funds or may not meet other criteria. Then direct renters to submit a signed application with all the required documents directly to your screen, in real time. No more waiting for documents.

  • Mobile Applications w/ all documents

  • Application Fee paid with credit card

  • E-Signed application.

Tenant completes the application on their phone, sign, and sumbit.

Full Rental Packet

- Application and Documents

  • Rent Reminders

  • Late Payment Notices

  • Building Notifications

  • Lease Renewal

  • Personal Relations

Send Notications to a unit or an entire building

We make it easy for you to connect with your tenants for rent reminders, building notices, a simple happy birthday or any other reason you need to say something to them. Our notification system goes directly to the tenants' phones and keeps them informed and connected to you.

Communication leads to more satisfied renters.

  • 5-second videos with maintenance requests

  • Tenants video and send from their phones

  • Instant submissions

  • View & Act from your computer, tablet or phone

Control Maintenance

Respond quickly to major problems / schedule minor ones

Rentredi allows tenants to submit maintenance requests with a 5-second video. This allows you to see first hand, exactly how bad the problem is and determine the best course of action to preserve your building.

This also allows renters to have a direct communication with you, your building manager or super, improving renter relations and taking care of your building at the same time.

  • Rent Payments Directly from Renters' Phones

  • Credit Card and ACH (E-Check) Accepted

  • Instantly See Payments

Get Paid Faster

Phone notification, Rent reminders and Mobile payments mean more On-Time payments.

With RentRedi, you instantly see when a payment has been made by a tenant, even if the payment is still pending. That means no more waiting to see if a check arrives or if payments are pending. That means no more excuses.


Which apartments are rented? More importantly, which apartments are vacant? Which will be soon? Track it all.


Filter by each category to see what is open at a glance and dive deeper to see history.


Vacant $8,750
Leases Ending Soon $25,310
Occupied $80,850


Take action from the high-level view, or after going into the property and examining the details.

  • Link your Google Calendar

  • Task List

Tasks and Calendar in your dashboard.

As an added bonus, we made it easy to stay in one place. You can link your Google Calendar to RentRedi and use our task module to keep track of to-do items.