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Bank Account & ACH

Credit & Debit Cards

Cash (new!)

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Benefits of RentRedi's Landlord Payment Service

Never miss a payment with autopay

Stay informed with in-app notifications and rent reminders

Receive a receipt of rent payment

Boost your credit score by reporting on-time rent payments

Rent Payment Portal To Suit Your Needs

Pay rent and other bills from your phone, with the payment method that fits your life.

Bank Account & ACH payments (only $1 processing fee!) plus secure payments through Plaid

Credit and debit card, with standard fees plus secure payments through Plaid

Cash (new!), with 90,000 deposit locations with Chime.

No More Late Rent Fees

When you use RentRedi’s auto-pay feature, you’ll never miss a payment or incur late fees again.

image shows rentredi tenant app rent reporting screen

Boost Your Credit Score

When you pay rent through the RentRedi mobile app, you can report all on-time rent payments, future & past, to TransUnion to boost your credit score up to 26 points!

60% of renters even see improvements after one month!

A Better Renting Experience

Bundle payments & pay rent, utilities, and other fees at the same time

Make partial payments to pay your full rent over a time period

Set-up early rent payments to pay rent before the scheduled due date


Tenants can now set up auto-pay for rent payments! On your tenant app, you can pick a day and amount to automatically pay towards rent each month! 🎉

Currently, tenant auto-pay works for rent payments only. For other fees or charges (like repairs, parking, utilities, etc) tenants will still have to make manual payments.

  1. Go to your RentRedi app
  2. Tap the “Rent” icon
  3. Tap “Set Up Auto-Pay”
  4. Enter the amount that will be automatically charged each month
  5. Select the date the payment will be automatically made (on or before rent due date)
  6. Click “Save Changes”

Done! ✅

Watch how-to video

Privacy & security is important to us, and we’re dedicated to making sure your information is safe and secure. We’ve partnered with the best in the business to ensure payments are handled in the best way possible for you and your tenants.

Plaid is used by more than 10,000 financial institutions for bank connections. If you are wondering about the privacy & security around payments, you can read their full privacy policy here: Plaid Privacy Policy.

  1. On your RentRedi app, tap “Rent”
  2. Tap the charge you would like to pay
  3. Tap “Select Payment Method”
  4. Tap “New Bank Account”
  5. Log in to your bank via Plaid
  6. Tap the “Pay” button at the bottom to submit payment!

Watch how-to video here.

To pay rent online with bank account, follow the steps here! The steps below instruct you on how to pay rent via RentRedi’s mobile app for tenants.

  1. On your RentRedi app, tap “Rent”
  2. Select the charge you would like to pay
  3. Select a payment method (Note: paying with a bank account is only $1 – check out How to Pay Rent with Bank Account!)
  4. Submit payment using your preferred payment method!


Watch how-to video here.

You can now pay your rent in cash from RentRedi!

  1. Create a Chime account
  2. You can deposit cash into your Chime account at retailers like Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven, Walgreens, CVS, Dollar General, etc) (How do I deposit cash in my Chime account?)

After you complete your Chime account set up, you can now pay rent via the RentRedi app!

  1. Open your RentRedi tenant app and tap “Rent”
  2. Tap the payment you want to make
  3. Tap “Select a Payment Method”
  4. Tap “New Bank Account”
  5. Tap “Continue” to connect to your Chime account via Plaid
  6. Tap (or search) for “Chime”
  7. Log in using your Chime credentials

Done! Your payment method will be added, and you can pay your rent! 🎉

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