Submit Maintenance Requests

Report maintenance issues quickly with video!

Submit a maintenance request through the RentRedi tenant app.

What To Expect

1. Use app to submit maintenance requests, quickly

2. Send in 5-second video of

3. Receive notifications during repair process

How To Submit A Maintenance Request


Click on the "Repair" Button.


Click the "+" icon in the top right corner.


Enter your details and click the camera icon.


Click the "Record" button to record a 5-second video.


Click the "Blue Check" button to accept the video.


Review and send!

Does Your Landlord Use Latchel?

When your landlord opts into using maintenance coordination through Latchel, submit your maintenance requests as outlined in the how-to section.

In the case of an emergency, a phone number is provided in the email invite and form for you to call right away!

Submit Maintenance Request With RentRedi


When you sign up for Latchel via RentRedi, tenants can submit repair requests through:

  1. Latchel’s dedicated phone line
  2. From their RentRedi app!

After you enable Latchel for your properties, tenants are notified via email (shown below). In this email, they receive a dedicated number to call in case of emergency.

For non-emergency repairs, if you signed up for Full Service Maintenance Coordination, tenants can still submit maintenance requests to Latchel from their RentRedi app. These requests will still appear on your dashboard as well, giving you full insight into any repair requests.

Read more here.

RentRedi has partnered with a company called Latchel, to allow our landlords to hand over managing maintenance requests from tenants to their service.

Work full-time? Self-manage your rentals? Have a property manager? Maintenance coordination can benefit every type of landlord.

With maintenance coordination, you no longer have to manage calls/texts from tenants, finding a service professional to come to the house, and scheduling the repair.

When you sign up for maintenance coordination, Latchel will manage calls from your tenants on your behalf, troubleshoot the issue (solving 20% of all calls!), find a service professional (from your trusted list of providers or a highly rated pro in the area), schedule repairs, and follow up to make sure everything is working.