Rental Property Accounting Made Simple

  • Automatically sync properties & charges from your RentRedi account.
  • Link your bank and credit card accounts electronically for easy, automatic transaction imports.
  • Use matching rules and payment templates to track income & expenses.
  • View your profit & loss or cash flow by property, balance sheets, schedule E’s, and more!

Spend Less Time Dealing With Accounting
& More Time Finding Your Next Deal

  • 1 View your numbers on a property by property (or unit!) basis—no matter what plan you choose
  • 2 Not sure how a security deposit should be recorded? Access preset rental transaction templates to help you get it right
  • 3 Automatically import recent transaction data for easy bookkeeping and to eliminate manual data entry
  • 4 Use rules to match transactions based on description or amount to specific properties and revenue or expense accounts
  • 5 Access both full financial reports (P&L, cash flow, balance sheet), as well as tax ready IRS Schedule E reports
rei hub

Everything You Need to Manage Your Books

RentRedi partners with REI Hub to provide you with elegantly simple, 5-star accounting designed specifically for real estate investors & rental property owners. As a RentRedi customer, when you sign up for accounting, you can then automatically import your RentRedi properties & charges, add your financial accounts, track expenses, and pull reports.


Save Time With Automations

Finish your books faster using time-saving templates and rule-based transaction matching


Easy-to-Understand Reports

View and understand performance in real-time on our portfolio and property dashboards

top rated

Top-Rated, Simple Software

REI Hub averages a 5 star rating for customer satisfaction and easy-to-use accounting software features!

Powerful Rental Property Accounting Software
Made Simple. Made For You.


REI Hub accounting plans are add-on services to your current RentRedi subscription. Should your portfolio change, we will automatically adjust your REI Hub plan for the next billing cycle.

All REI Hub plans are month to month, no long term contracts.

Simple Pricing for Every Portfolio

  • 3 units included: $25/mo
  • 10 units included: $39/mo
  • 20 units included: $59/mo
  • Unlimited units included: $99/mo

Already have RentRedi? Add accounting!

  1. Log in to your RentRedi account
  2. Select “Add Accounting” from the left-hand hamburger menu and click “Sign In / Sign Up”
  3. Click “Get Started” for your eligible plan (automatically selected based on how many units you have in RentRedi)
  4. Complete your purchase to get started managing your books!


What does REI Hub do?

REI Hub makes and supports accounting software for rental property owners and real estate investors. Our mission is to make investment property bookkeeping easier, more efficient, and less stressful.

Does REI Hub use double-entry accounting?

Yes, REI Hub is a double-entry accounting system (similar to general small business accounting systems like QuickBooks or Xero). Double-entry accounting is a generally accepted standard and enables advanced reporting like a Balance Sheet and Fixed Asset/ Depreciation tracking.

Does REI Hub work for multi-unit properties? What about short-term or vacation rentals?

Yes, REI Hub works well for both multi-unit properties and short-term rentals. Properties can be single-unit or multi-unit, with no limit on how many units can be in a property. If you select a multi-unit property while booking transactions, a Unit Selector field will immediately display. Select a unit or leave the field blank to book the transaction to the property directly.

REI Hub is perfect for short-term or vacation rentals, which often have higher transaction volumes and so benefit even more from quality property-centric accounting software!

Can REI Hub produce the Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flows reports?

Yes, REI Hub can produce all of the major accounting reports- the Profit & Loss, Statement of Cash Flows, and the Balance Sheet. Please note that starting balance entries need to be made for an accurate Balance Sheet.

For more information on the Balance Sheet for your rental portfolio, read here.

Can I add more users or an accountant to my REI Hub portfolio?

Absolutely! You can grant as many additional users access to your portfolio as desired. Enter their name and email address, and they will receive an invitation to create an REI Hub profile and access your portfolio.

Can RentRedi & REI Hub work for commercial real estate or other rentable property?

Yes! Our property-centric accounting system can easily be adapted to other businesses and use cases. You can easily add to your Chart of Accounts to track whatever additional categories are needed.

How is REI Hub better than Quickbooks?

Check out how REI Hub’s features stack up against Quickbooks Online, and why REI Hub is better for managing your rental property accounting!

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How is REI Hub better than spreadsheets?

Check out how REI Hub’s features stack up against spreadsheets, and why REI Hub is better for managing your rental property accounting!

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