Whoa, whoa, whoa! I know what you’re thinking. Rental property accounting software comparisons?? This is not a regular RentRedi vs (Insert Competitor Here) blog.

We’ve been hearing a LOT lately about trying to find a good accounting software for rental properties that landlords can use to easily and efficiently manage their bookkeeping, and well…

We wanted to do a little research & comparison for you!

And while NORMALLY, our comparison blogs feature RentRedi and another rental software, we decided it just wasn’t fair to pit a property management software against a rental property accounting software like REI Hub.

After all…wouldn’t it be much better if they worked together?? 😉 

Instead, we’ve stacked REI Hub’s features against rental spreadsheets, another popular method of managing accounting for real estate!

REI Hub vs Spreadsheets: Which is Best for Rental Property Accounting Software?

FeaturesREI HubSpreadsheets
Record income and expensesYesYes
Easy to use for rental propertyYesYes
Track performance by portfolio, property or unitYesYes
Securely import transactions from linked bank accountsYesNo
Automated mortgage accountingYesNo
Visual financial dashboardsYesNo
Customizable transaction matching and categorizationYesNo
Investment return, profit & loss, and balance sheet reportsYesNo
Tax exports and accountant accessYesNo
Digital receipt storage and mileage logYesNo
Free and friendly onboarding supportYesNo

Final Thoughts

OKAY….as you can probably tell, we LOVE REI Hub! 

Their features give us heart-eye emojis for rental property accounting software — and that’s pretty hard to do!

  • Easy setup for rentals
  • Property based reporting
  • Track income and expenses
  • Rental specific templates
  • Tax ready reports
  • Fixed asset tracking
  • Document storage
  • Mileage log

With all these great accounting features, REI Hub makes for great accounting software that’s optimized to support your rental property business and make crunching numbers…a little less crunchy!

Make sure you stay tuned to RentRedi’s blog & newsletter for EXCITING updates that may, in fact, include REI Hub!! 😉