When your tenants have renter’s insurance, your investment is protected!

Offer tenants a renter’s insurance option at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

RentRedi has partnered with Sure, an insurance tech company, to offer your tenants a low-cost insurance option. Tenants can purchase renter’s insurance within their RentRedi tenant app or upload their current policy for your records.

Why You Should Require Renter’s Insurance


Helps to protect a tenant’s property if damaged or stolen​


Mitigates issues with allowing pets on a property

insurance premiums

Can help keep insurance premiums low

How It Works For Landlords

  • 1 Add a new tenant to your RentRedi account.
  • 2 After your tenant creates a RentRedi account, they can purchase renter’s insurance or submit proof of insurance directly from their app.
  • 3 You can see if your tenant purchased or uploaded proof of renter’s insurance from your tenant’s profile.
  • 4 If the tenant is marked as uninsured, you can request them to get insurance or manually mark them as insured in RentRedi.
renter's insurance

Gain peace of mind that you’re protecting everything that matters most

Why Tenants Need Renter’s Insurance


Keep belongings safe & sound from theft, loss, and destruction


Coverage against lawsuits if you hurt someone or damage someone else’s property

medical coverage

Covers reasonable medical costs if someone is hurt on your property

How It Works For Tenants

  • 1 Open the RentRedi tenant app.
  • 2 Tap “Insure”.
  • 3 Fill out your information to find the best policy for you.
  • 4 Fill out your payment information to get covered & you are done! RentRedi will automatically let your landlord know you have renter’s insurance.
sure renter's insurance

Provide an affordable way to help protect your property


Renters Insurance through RentRedi
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