The only all-inclusive landlord-tenant app with everything you need to manage your rentals, receive payments, screen applicants, manage maintenance requests, and list properties.

Rent Payments

Easy mobile and online rent collection without any hidden fees! We offer a Landlord app to manage rent, late fees, evictions, and send reminders, along with a Tenant app for rent payment and auto-pay.

collect mobile rent payments with rentredi
screen tenants with rentredi

Tenant Screening

Identify high-quality tenants, quickly! Prequalify prospective tenants, plus offer screening for $35 to prospective tenants. With our mobile app, you can view applications and hit “accept” all from your phone.

List & Market Properties

Reduce vacancy and turnover time with syndicated listings to, Doorsteps, and more. With access to unlimited property marketing pages, you have everything you need to market your listings from one place.

free listings to doorsteps and rentredi
receive video maintenance with rentredi

Manage Maintenance, Tenants, & Units

One fixed price for unlimited property & tenant communication! Our management features make it easy for everyoneーlandlords, tenants, teammates, and maintenance personnelーto stay on the same page. Live chat, phone, and email with a real human for support.


Streamline the lease signing process and store documents! In-app or on desktop, you can upload a lease or any other document to send for signatures. Notify tenants and receive a legally binding signature through the Tenant RentRedi app.

rentredi e-lease signing

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