Need Help with Maintenance?

No problem. We’ve partnered with Latchel to provide you with a hands-off, premium maintenance experience. No more waking up at midnight or interrupting your workday, your tenant calls Latchel, and they handle the repair.

Try one month of Premium Maintenance free with your RentRedi subscription.

How Premium Maintenance Works

  • When your tenant submits a maintenance request via RentRedi, the outreach to vendors and vetting starts immediately
  • Once a vendor is identified, a text and an email are both sent to tenants to begin the triage process.
  • You choose your soft and hard budget limits. If any work will be over budget, you are contacted for approval.
  • From your RentRedi dashboard, you can view all activity on maintenance requests so you’re never out of the loop.
  • Once the issue is marked complete, the tenant will be asked to respond with a satisfaction survey
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Results That Raise The Bar

When you sign up for Premium Maintenance, expert troubleshooters work with your tenants to resolve repair issues by communicating and sending contractors. This premium service is available in all 50 states. You can even add your own preferred vendors to the network as well, so your person of choice can be selected for repairs.


Save Time

Spend 80% less time coordinating maintenance


Keep Your Investments Protected

Never miss an emergency. Backed by Latchel’s $1,000,000 insurance policy


Improve Tenant Happiness

Latchel averages a 4.7 out of 5 star rating for resident satisfaction

Take The Stress Out Of Maintenance

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Already have a RentRedi account? Add Premium Maintenance to your properties.

  • 1Create a new maintenance request in your RentRedi account
  • 2 Select “Learn More” from the right-hand side option
  • 3Select the service best fit for your property
  • 4Sign up for service and add payment all within RentRedi
  • 5Forget about managing maintenance requests!

Just signed up for RentRedi? Get started with Premium Maintenance!

  • 1Create a new property from your RentRedi dashboard
  • 2 After entering in property details, you’ll be prompted to select a premium maintenance service best for your property
  • 3Sign up for service and add payment all within RentRedi
  • 4Forget about managing maintenance requests!
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All plans are month to month, no long term contracts.

24/7 Emergency Service

$15/mo per unit

  • Tenant call handling
  • Emergency only issues
  • Expert troubleshooting
  • Contractors dispatch
  • Follow-up on completion

Full Coordination

$25/mo per unit

  • Tenant call handling
  • All maintenance issues
  • Expert troubleshooting
  • Contractors dispatch
  • Follow-up on completion

Watch The Demo Video

“The NUMBER ONE issue holding me back in real estate ownership and property management is maintenance. I’ve been saying for years “If I could figure out a way to automate the reactive portion (maintenance calls) then I’d be so much happier in life! Latchel does this, and I’m very excited to try it out on my properties!!”

RentRedi Landlord


What is Premium Maintenance?

RentRedi has partnered with a company called Latchel, to allow our landlords to hand over managing maintenance requests from tenants to their service. With Premium Maintenance, you are handing off managing calls/texts from tenants, finding a service professional to come to the house, and scheduling the repair. With premium maintenance, someone will manage calls from your tenants on your behalf, troubleshoot the issue (solving 20% of all calls!), find a service professional (from your trusted list of providers or a highly rated pro in the area), schedule repairs, and follow-up to make sure everything is working.

Who & what is Latchel?

Latchel is hands-off maintenance support for your tenants. They typically work with landlords with 200+ units, but through their unique partnership with RentRedi was can offer this service to all RentRedi landlords. Latchel has over 65,000 units using their services, you are in good hands!

Latchel handles your tenant’s maintenance issues so you don’t have to worry about it, and they are really good at it.

How does Latchel & Premium Maintenance work?

When you opt-in to premium maintenance services, tenants submit maintenance requests through call or text on a dedicated line. The dedicated line screens and troubleshoots maintenance requests before sending a contractor. Landlords set rules around the price of repairs and are kept informed every step of the way.

All terms are month to month, no long term contracts.

What does Premium Maintenance cost?

You can get 24/7 Full Maintenance services ($25/mo per unit) or 24/7 Emergency-Only Maintenance services ($15/mo per unit).

How do I know if Latchel is available in my location?

Latchel is able to service anywhere in the US! 😊

In many cases, they already have vetted vendor relationships. However, if they don’t already have a vendor in your location, they will find vendors in that area when a maintenance request comes through.

Additionally, if you have your own preferred contractors, you can add them into Latchel’s system so they are notified of maintenance requests. 🙌

Can I add my own contractors?

If you have maintenance personnel, vendors, or service technicians you’d like Latchel to coordinate repairs with, you can add them to your Latchel network from RentRedi! Read more.

What if I already have an on-call person?

You can add your own personnel to Latchel! If you have maintenance personnel, vendors, or service technicians you’d like Latchel to coordinate repairs with, you can add them to your Latchel network from RentRedi! Read more.

What qualifies as an emergency issue?

As a rule of thumb, anything that can cause property damage or is a tenant habitability issue. Latchel, the premium maintenance provider, has set emergency protocols to meet legal requirements in all 50 states. See their specific emergency criteria below.

  • Leaks that can cause property damage. This includes roofing leaks, lawn/sprinkler leaks, toilet leaks, and overflows, sink leaks, and HVAC leaks.
  • No functioning toilets in the house.
  • Sewage backups or sewage on-premises.
  • Water issues like no water, dirty water, or no hot water.
  • No heat in cold weather (under 45F; 55F if young children, elderly, or sick people are present)
  • No AC in hot weather (over 95F; 85F if young children, elderly, or sick people are present.)
  • Security and safety issues (broken windows, broken/open doors).
  • Cars blocked in by broken community gates.
  • Electrical outages (not caused by the power company) and loss of power to medical equipment.
  • Life-threatening emergencies like gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, and fires are directed to 911.

How do you control costs and protect budget limits?

You choose your budget limits and Latchel, the premium maintenance provider, enforces them. If any work will be over budget, they escalate to you (or someone else that you designate) to get approval.

Who will be troubleshooting and dispatching my maintenance calls?

An experienced property manager or contractor troubleshoots and dispatches your work. Everyone on Latchel’s troubleshooting team has at least 2 years of experience in property management and maintenance. Many of Latchel’s employees come from a general contracting background. They understand maintenance and know a good priced contractor from a bad one.

What is the cost to add Latchel, RentRedi’s premium maintenance provider?

We offer two premium maintenance plans from Latchel: 24/7 Emergency Service ($15/mo per unit) and Full Coordination service ($25/mo per unit).

How do I add Latchel?

Watch a video or read detailed instructions here

Does RentRedi reserve rates for contractors for submitted maintenance requests?

RentRedi does not have a reserved rate for each contractor. Latchel negotiates with contractors on your behalf, while staying within the soft and hard limits you set when setting up your account!

What questions are asked during the initial troubleshooting call?

This is a hard question to answer because we have hundreds of flows with thousands of questions! High level, we walk tenants through checking GFI switches, breakers, plugs, shut off valves, pilots, reset buttons, surface level drain issues, obvious aerator blockages, thermostat batteries, filters, etc. Essentially anything that doesn’t require the tenant to pull out a tool set, we’ll troubleshoot with them!

What are the price rates for different maintenance issues?

We use all local, licensed service providers. Landlords can expect to pay the service providers market rate. Based on average market rates, you can expect pricing around the following price points:
– Handyman: $40-70/hr
– Plumbing: $70-100/hr
– Electrician: $70-120/hr
– HVAC: $70-100/hr
Any emergency or midnight dispatches could be up to 2x higher based on your city.

Can landlords & property managers have control over who is picked to service their homes?

Yes! With our premium maintenance partner Latchel, landlords & Property Managers can set up preferred vendors who will get first crack at accepting a job. Latchel would need a list of vendors and their contact information to be provided to their customer success team.

How are the maintenance contractors selected & screened?

Our premium maintenance partner Latchel looks at a variety of things to screen vendors. In an emergency situation availability is the most important factor, then they go based on payment methods, online reviews, size and capability, and ability to answer our contact attempts. Latchel asks screener questions about insurance, but cant do much if we are provided with false info. A preference is given to vendors who are able to sign up with the Latchel network directly and want continued work.


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