Apply To Your New Dream Home

RentRedi's web & mobile app makes it easy to apply to rentals and complete the screening process—before any other applicant does!

What You Need to Apply

1. An email or text invite from your prospective landlord

2. Download the RentRedi tenant app or access the web portal to fill out the application form

3. Attach any documents that are required

4. Complete the background report!

image shows the laptop with rentredi tenant web app open

Tenant Web Portal

Brand new web app - same great features!

Easy-to-use prequalification form

Comprehensive tenant application

Full background report

How To Apply from the Mobile App


Open app and tap "Apply"


Tap the "+" icon in the upper-righthand corner.


Tap "Enter Information" & fill out each section that your landlord requires.


Tap "Enter Documents" to upload photos of documentation.


Tap “Upload Photo” to attach an existing photo or “Take Photo” to add a new image.


Tap “Save” and swipe downwards on the screen to return to the documents section.


When you're ready to submit, tap "Send".


Input the unit code.


Tap “Preview & Apply” to review and submit your application!

What Included In The Screening Process?

Credit Report

Criminal Report

Eviction Report


Trying to prequalify? You’ll need to download the RentRedi tenant app or access the tenant web portal.

Learn more about the steps to prequalify here.

Your application status will show in the RentRedi tenant app as pending until the landlord makes a decision. Then, it will show as “Accepted”, “Rejected” or “Incomplete” (if your landlord requests additional information or changes).

The landlord will receive a completed application, and TransUnion’s credit report, eviction report, and background report. Read more about how the process works here.

Download the RentRedi app and re-click the invite link from your phone. You might have landed on this page, it says the same thing 😉 

You can view the steps below here.

Please complete the following steps to prequalify:

  1. Download the RentRedi App from Google Play or the App Store (or access the tenant web portal from your landlord’s invite) & create an account, if you haven’t already
  2. Tap the APPLY icon
  3. Tap “+” and select “Prequalification”
  4. Select “Enter Information”.
  5. Fill out your information and tap “Done”
  6. Select “Send”
  7. Enter the unique code for the unit, which is: [CODE] and tap “Search”
  8. Enter in the Lease Start Date, Lease End Date, and Monthly Rent
  9. Tap “Prequalify”

Learn more about how to access the tenant web portal to prequalify, apply, or complete tenant screening requests here.

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