Everything You Need As A DIY Landlord

The only all-inclusive landlord-tenant app with everything you need to manage your rentals, receive payments, screen applicants, manage maintenance requests, and list properties.

Key Features

Rent Collection

Tenant Screening

Tenant Applications

Maintenance Requests & Coordination

Listings & Marketing

Tenant & Team Communications

Rent Collection

Easy mobile and online rent collection without any hidden fees!

  • Add payment accounts to each property to start collecting & tracking rent—create as many accounts as needed, no extra charges!

  • Landlords receive funds from tenants in as quick as 3 - 4 business days after initial payment account approval

  • Export rent payments directly to spreadsheets, Quickbooks Online

  • Offer a variety of payment options including ACH, banking, credit card, and cash

unlimited payment accounts with rentredi for better rental experience
image shows rentredi landlord web app screenshot of tenant's credit report

Tenant Screening

Identify high-quality tenants, quickly!

  • Certified TransUnion Reports Full credit, criminal & eviction reports

  • Included background checks

  • Tenants pay $35 per application it card, and cash


Get the right tenants into your property.

  • With prequalification questions, quickly identify whether or not an applicant meets your criteria before you schedule a tour

  • Invite prospective tenants to apply for your property from the landlord dashboard

  • At-a-glance view of pending, accepted, and rejected applications

rentredi applications screenshot
manage maintenance through rentredi and latchel

Maintenance Requests & Coordination

Processes to keep you organized!

  • Optional maintenance coordination services outsource managing maintenance requests while still keeping in charge & informed

  • Tenant maintenance request form includes optional 5-second video of issue

  • Automatic maintenance status updates sent to tenant

Listings & Marketing

Reduce vacancy and turnover time.

  • Free Realtor and Doorsteps listing syndications from the RentRedi dashboard

  • Add virtual tour options to each listing to schedule tours based on your comfortability

  • Professionally designed, free marketing page to share listing to sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, your website, and more!

free listings to doorsteps realtor.com and rentredi
collect mobile rent payments with rentredi

Tenants & Team Communications

Streamline communications with free teammate accounts & tenant push notifications.

  • In-app push notifications to tenants let you easily send rent reminders, building updates, and maintenance notifications

  • Give your team access to the same tools you use, at no additional cost per seat

  • Need advice or help, our 5-star customer support team is available to help you!

What Else Can You Do On RentRedi?

We’re here to make renting easy, for both the renter & landlord.

E-Sign Leases On Your Phone

Manage Maintenance Requests

In-App Renter’s Insurance

Offer Tenant Credit Boosts

Accept Cash Rent Payments

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