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The RentRedi video testimonials are jam-packed with reasons why big real estate industry leaders love our software. They say a picture is worth a thousand words—but when it comes to testimonials, we love a video or two! After all, there’s no better way to find out just why you’re going to love RentRedi’s property management software than to hear it directly from other landlords and investors. 

Why Landlords Love Us


Regina J

Broker Owner

“RentRedi makes my job easier at an affordable price.”

I get notified when tenants pay, they get a rental receipt and, the money is deposited to my client trust accounts. Their system allows me to get answers to questions quickly.

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Russell L

Assistant United States Attorney

“The best customer service I have ever experienced – period.”

I love their best-in-class customer service. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Read the review to see exactly what I mean but suffice it to say RentRedi is like the Bugatti of customer service. I mean, one of the founders of the company called me a couple months into using the application just to see how I was enjoying the application and if there was anything they could do to make my experience better.

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Daniel R

Talent Advancement

“Easy from out of state!”

So grateful for a trust way that quickly reminds and updates our renters, property manager and us! The surprise was the RentRedi team’s desire to help and responsiveness.

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J. Mark D

Senior Programmer

“peace of mind the key”

The centralization of the Vetting process and downloads is one of my favorite things. it allows you to have high confidence that the renter you have selected is of high quality. Their tech support is really good. i have asked several questions and they have always gotten back to me very quickly and with good information, even getting connected to my web page and walking me thru exactly step by step to acheive what i was looking for. The day to day functionality of getting paid, allowing customers to set up and quickly pay within the app is very handy.

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Jake D

Real Estate

“Outstanding platform, amazing support”

The platform is very user friendly including the mobile app, customer support is second to none, and the development team is always selling ways to improve the platform.

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Aaron Z

Chief Financial Officer

“RentRedi makes things easy for landlords . . . even new ones”

Consolidation of functions into a single platform. I can accomplish almost everything I need to do for my rental inside the RentRedi platform.

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Dawid Y

Sr. Principle Systems Engineer

“Investor friendly property management”

First thing I think of when it comes to RentRedi is finally something for any size investor. The pricing is incredibly flexible. Monthly, yearly, and of course a product that makes sense in price discount if you commit to multiple years. Second the responsiveness of the team is amazing. I’ve never had an issue with asking a question. So customer service is definitely a big win.

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Bryce C

VP, Business Development Officer

“Convenient platform for tenants and landlords with Top notch customer service”

One of my favorite features thus far has been that my tenants actually like this platform and the ease of set up and detail that they are able to access. The ease of sending a maintenance request has been convenient for both sides as well. One of the other great features I’ve experienced is the quick customer service and resolution to any issues I have had.

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Matize H

Project Manager

“RentRedi has become an essenital part of my property management system.”

I like that RentRedi’s user interface for both the property manager and tenant is intuitive and packed with features. The makers of the program do a great job of simplifying what other programs complicate. I am also a big fan of the options made available to me in the settings, as the last system we used required contact with a program administrator just to make simple modifications.

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Carrie A

Small-Business Owner

“Quick and thorough online support”

RentRedi is a pretty self explanatory site, but there are a few things here and there that are done in a certain order to better your experience. I used the online chat to find out some preferred methods for tasks. The support person was knowledgeable and easy to understand.

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