AAOA Webinar with RentRedi CEO Ryan Barone

We’ve got some exciting news! American Apartments Owners Associate (AAOA) is hosting Ryan Barone, RentRedi’s CEO in a live webinar. This interview will discuss why Ryan founded RentRedi & how landlords are using RentRedi’s property management software to streamline their business.

Join AAOA & Ryan Barone to discuss RentRedi, property management software, and effective ways to manage your rentals using tech. The interview will be on September 14, 2022 11:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada). To join this webinar, register here.

More About RentRedi

RentRedi is property management software designed to help landlords and investors manage their rental properties easier. Get access to cool features like automatic rent collection, tenant screening services, and maintenance management.

CEO Ryan Barone started RentRedi as a tenant application app that quickly grew into a powerful platform. Now, it helps make the renting experience more efficient for landlords & tenants. Tenants need an easy way to pay rent. Landlords need an effective platform to organize, track, and manage their real estate business.

RentRedi has transformed our tech into a modern, mobile-friendly dashboard built to help property owners manage their investment properties. It makes renting easier for their tenants as well. With tens of thousands of landlords, RentRedi is an end-to-end solution that helps landlords go mobile. So, you can manage rentals from wherever, whenever.

Our team is dedicated to listening to our customers and taking their feedback seriously. As a result, every feature on RentRedi was designed because customers let us know what they need. Our tech makes their investing and property management easier and more convenient.

We’re excited to talk about RentRedi’s company and commitment to our customers with AAOA 

As a reminder: to join this webinar, register here.