Accept or Block Partial Rent Payments

If you’re a landlord, you might be wondering about the best way to accept or block partial rent payments, especially if a tenant is late paying rent or hasn’t paid at all and you need to evict them.

Each situation will be unique to the landlord-tenant relationship, but there may be times when you do want to accept partial rent payments for rent collection:

  • Split rent payments between roommate tenants 
  • Trustworthy tenant needs a little extra time but typically pays rent in full each month

However, if you’re still getting to know your renters, or need to block rent payments in the event of an eviction, you’ll be needing options that can accommodate both scenarios, such as:

  • Not accept partial payments from tenants
  • Not accept any rent payments from tenants

How to Not Accept Rent Payments from Tenants

During certain instances (such as an eviction process where you’ve served a notice to vacate as a result of delinquent rent payments), you may need to block partial payments or block all payments from tenants. 

If you use RentRedi as your property management software, you can easily block partial rent payments (or even block all rent payments) right from your RentRedi dashboard. 

Screenshot from RentRedi's dashboard: how to accept or block partial rent payments from RentRedi

How to Block Partial Rent Payments from RentRedi

  1. From your RentRedi dashboard, Click “Renters”
  2. Select the tenant you’d like to block payments from
  3. On the tenant card, click “Edit Details” under General Info
  4. Under “Allow Payments”, click the dropdown menu and select “Block Payments”
  5. Click “Save Changes”

Full Feature Set For Accepting Or Blocking Rent Payments With Rentredi

  • Split rent payments between tenants: RentRedi makes it easy for roommates to pay rent using partial payments. 
  • Accept partial rent payments: Individual tenants can submit a partial payment, if you allow partial payments.
  • Block partial payments: For eviction and non-eviction purposes, you can choose to block partial rent payments from your RentRedi dashboard.
  • Block all rent payments: Typically for eviction purposes, you can block all rent payments from yourRentRedi dashboard.

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