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When you’re an investor, it can be difficult to find actionable advice. But, you may have realized that podcasts, like The Real Estate Pod, are a great resource for investing tips. You can hear other investors’ advice, get real-life landlord stories, and create a network to build your business.

As you go on your real estate investing journey, you will amass a wealth of information. This can help others as they start out on their own paths to owning rental properties. Whether it’s to create passive income or gain financial freedom.

What is The Real Estate Pod?

The Real Estate Pod is the perfect podcast for you. Ready to start, scale, and turn a profit with real estate investing? This podcast tackles all sides of real estate investing. It provides you with actionable strategies to start, scale, and cash flow your real estate business. 

Each week, we feature episodes on YouTube and all major podcasting platforms. Our content is geared towards rookie real estate investors, women in real estate investing, and business tips. As an example, check out this video by Marsay Winder on how to calculate cash flow.

Want to be a guest? 

We’re opening our doors to empower real estate investors to share their knowledge. We have a growing community of podcast listeners tuning in each week to hear first-hand investing advice, tips, and tricks.

Want to host on The Real Estate Pod? We recommend you be comfortable recording yourself on camera. Currently, all podcast episodes feature on YouTube.

What does it take to be a host? Good sound equipment, personality, and the ability to communicate your experiences with real estate investing! Regardless if you own one unit or a hundred, your experience and expertise can be extremely valuable to our audience.

Interested in being a guest on The Real Estate Pod? our investing expert, Stacy Rossetti, will interview you about your experience in real estate investing.

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Please also send a short, 30-second video application on why you’d be interested in being on The Real Estate Pod.