#1 Best Side Hustle for Landlords

Looking for a good side hustle for landlords? We’ve got a side hustle that will also help you accomplish some real estate goals as well!

As we look towards the New Year, you might be checking your list of resolutions to see how you can further your rental business. It might look something like:

  • Streamline the way you manage your properties
  • Add more doors to your portfolio 
  • Increase your cash flow

But, creating specific, actionable goals is easier said than done. Fortunately, you can cross three resolutions off your list with one property management software…

And that software is RentRedi!

You didn’t hear it from me (okay, you absolutely did): RentRedi’s property management software can help you manage any and all doors you acquire because we offer landlords a flat-rate subscription model. 

Accordingly, this means that your core subscription includes all the same rockstar features—without charging you by the door. 

  • More control over how you collect rent & flexible payment options for tenants.
  • Secure high-quality tenants for your properties with TransUnion-certified full background reports.
  • Fill vacancies quickly—without having to pay more. 
  • Stay organized & reduce scheduling hassles.
  • Hands-on or hands-off maintenance—options for every type of landlord.
  • Take the headache out of taxes & reports with our premium accounting software.
  • Tenants can report on-time rent payments when they pay rent & subscribe to credit boosting via their RentRedi app.

Further, RentRedi’s software can transform the way you manage rentals by saving you 10-15% in management fees. Additionally, it’s also the best side hustle for landlords because we also help you earn money by offering a sweet, sweet referral program.

Why RentRedi’s Referral Program is the Best Side Hustle for Landlords

First, RentRedi referrals work when you share your unique referral link (or code) with someone who you think would benefit from using RentRedi. Then, if they sign up using your referral link or code, you’ll earn $50 for each subscription!

As a bonus, your referral can get $50 off the annual plan!

You make $50, and your friend only pays $94!

How Our Referral Program Compares to Our Competitors

Look, we know people love to see how RentRedi compares to our competitors. 

So, we did a little digging to see who was paying out for referrals—and we think you’re gonna like how RentRedi stacks up!

Apartments.comNo program listed
AppfolioNo program listed
Avail.co$50 referral program – account credit
Buildium$50 of account credits (for landlord referrals with 1-100 units)
DoorLoop$5 referral program – for every active unit added to DoorLoop in the first 30 days
HemlaneNo program listed
RentRedi$50 per approved landlord referral. As a bonus, your referral can get the annual plan for $94!
TenantCloud$15, $50, or $75-$100 – depending on the plan your referral selects the Business program which features “custom pricing”
TurboTenant$25 referral program
YardiNo program listed
Zillow Rental ManagerNo program listed

RentRedi: Your Best New Year’s Resolution Yet

Now, if you’re looking to manage your properties easier, grow your rental business, find a great side hustle for landlords, and earn extra spending money you can use to treat yourself on Amazon or pay for your fave $6 Starbucks drink (no judgment), then sign up for RentRedi!

As a bonus, not only do we make managing your rental easier than ever, but you also earn money with us as well!

Does your friend need some more proof besides your glowing review of RentRedi? Then, check out these other 5-star landlord reviews that show just how transformative RentRedi can be for landlords!

P.S. If you’re already a RentRedi landlord, you can start sharing your link just by clicking the present icon on your dashboard.