Drone Photography for Landlords: A Brief Overview 

Drone photography has emerged as a robust and excellent way to boost the photography and videography industry in many ways. Drone photography—be it in weddings, events, commercial projects, or tourism—has opened up new scopes of experimentation and aesthetics for visual graphics.

In particular, drone photography can be used to elevate photography for real estate. In this article, we provide a brief overview of how drone photography can be used for real estate and landlords.

Drone Photography For Real Estate

Drone photography for commercial and residential real estate can provide interesting & unique aerial shots of your rental properties or projects. However, drones can be tricky — especially where the law is concerned. Make sure you research thoroughly in your area what is and isn’t allowed when it comes to drones.

Additionally, investing in a drone can be costly. Make sure you’re aware of the skill it takes to manage drones and consider some quality drones under $200 to begin with before investing in more expensive models.

Can Drone Photography Help Landlords In Marketing Their Property? 

Drone photography, especially for landlords, can be of great use for marketing your listings and attracting tenants.

Aerial photography with drones can be leveraged to capture amazing views of your rental property. Then, you can show your footage to potential tenants!

Importantly, aerial photography through drones can add a lot of value to marketing your rentals for landlords. 

Efficiently present the key attractions nearby 

Sometimes, one of the attractive points for a property is famous nearby attractions. Location plays a very important role in any real estate project. So, shooting your property through an aerial view using drones can help you capture a picturesque view of the location.

It would also cover the nearby attractions to the property and help your prospects analyze it through multiple dimensions. This way, it gives you a great chance to impress your client with expert drone photography of your location.

Hiring an expert professional for this purpose is always suggested as they would know the key areas and angles to cover. 

Inspecting the roofing 

Drone photography can also be used to inspect any damage or problems in the roofing efficiently and quickly. Sometimes, there are some hard-to-reach locations where the constructional damage originates. Drones can be put to very effective use in inspecting the same.

It would also minimize the injuries to the personnel who try to reach difficult areas in the construction project and also give a clear view of the problem. In recent times, drone photography for this purpose is highly used by insurance companies to inspect roofing damage.

It does not only save them the cost but also time. 

Present the property through various angles

Drone photography helps to present the property from various angles. This way, the client or the prospect can inspect the property clearly via the digital mode itself.

Using some editing tools would enhance the photographs of the property, even more, to present it in an aesthetic manner. You would save a physical visit to the location and yet convince your clients with the promise of great infrastructure at the same time. 

Prerequisites for real estate drone photography 

Now, moving forward to the techniques and methods of drone photography for real estate, here we mention some key points that are essential to this task.

The prerequisites for real estate drone photography require a quality camera, battery life for both camera and drone, flight modes in the drone as these can be used to capture the dynamic shots of the property, various payload options as with time, you may require to change the camera for various purposes.

Certain drones come with custom payload options and are recommended to be used for this purpose.

Some quick tips for shooting real estate with drones

First of all, pick nice weather to shoot for your property. Weather enhances the beauty of any property and photographs taken in nice weather would be more pleasing and attractive. It is suggested to shoot in bright sunlight to enhance the natural reflections and colors of the property and surroundings. Photographs taken in sunlight are also clearer and brighter. 

Cover the neighboring areas

As mentioned above, drone photography can be used to highlight nearby attractions. Cover the nearby key attractions and also the neighboring area to present a detailed view of the location visually.

Remember, location plays a very important role in any real estate project so make sure you use drone photography best for this purpose. 

However, similar to the legal issues of installing security cameras, ensure that you are not violating anyone’s privacy with your drone photography for real estate.

Final Thoughts: Drone Photography for Landlords

Drone photography for landlords has emerged to adapt to the modern-age digitalized world and proving to be a great asset for real estate photography. It is best used to highlight the strengths to attract more prospects with your marketing efforts.

Aerial views through drones can be used to squeeze many elements of the property into a single frame. For instance, if there is an in-house pool or a nice garden, make sure you focus on it to present these aesthetic and useful elements in a nice picture.

To leverage the best use of drones, there are options to hire a professional drone pilot to capture some beautiful shots of your property.