Did you know when you’re a RentRedi landlord you get a special perk for discounts at Home Depot?

We know, we love it too! 

Get exclusive discounts at Home Depot just for being a part of RentRedi.

  • Up to 20% off on paint
  • Discounts off most other purchases – some items, like lumber, are excluded from discounts

The more you use your RentRedi discount, the more discounts you’ll get as a RentRedi member!*

And, speaking of discounts, the average RentRedi landlord using our Home Depot perk has already saved $379 in 2022! 😱

That’s basically getting RentRedi for free—and then some!

Access Your Home Depot Perk

Complete your sign-up, and then access your Home Depot discount under “Membership Perks” in the sidebar menu.

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