How a Rental Property Calculator Works

If you’re a new or veteran investor then a rental property calculator is a must-have tool for your toolbox… find deals, run the numbers and make money with this spreadsheet! Included on this calculator is:

  • Income/ Expense
  • ROI
  • Value at cap rate

What is a Rental Property Calculator?

A rental property calculator is a tool to help you quickly evaluate whether a real estate investment is a “deal” or not! 

For the rental property calculator shown below, you will fill in the blue boxes on the calculator of your subject rental numbers and take a look at the returns at the bottom.

Make sure to fill out all the appropriate income/expenses. This is a tool to help you quickly evaluate whether this is a “deal” or not! 

Best Features to Look For

  • Income/ Expenses
  • Your NOI 
  • Cap Rate
  • Cash on Cash return
  • Monthly/ Yearly Cashflow
  • Property value at select Cap Rates
  • Amortization Schedule 
  • Rental property depreciation calculator

Benefits of Purchasing a Rental Property Calculator

  • Find out in minutes if a real estate investment property is a “Deal” or not!
  • Calculate return on investment
  • A new powerful tool for your toolbox!
  • Calculate cash flow
  • Easily look at current performance and “Proforma”
  • Calculate your profitability for rental property

How much is a rental property calculator?

Rental property calculators will range in price. However, RentRedi has a discount code for a Rental Property Calculator created by Chantz Ireland.

The price is already super affordable (only $25!) but using code RENTREDI you’ll get ANOTHER 20% off!

Why This Spreadsheet

“There are plenty of other calculators out there but this is the one I use to do all of my deals. It’s a tool for your toolbox to help make you a better investor and make more informed decisions. With the low cost of $20 (plus the RentRedi discount) and the ability to help you make tens of thousands (or not lose tens of thousands) it’s worth the 4 cups of coffee by a long shot!”

– Chantz Ireland, real estate investor

About Chantz

Hi Guys! My name is Chantz Ireland and I am a long-term buy-and-hold investor in small and medium-size apartment buildings! 

I started 2020 with just 3 units bringing in just over $3,000 a month and ended the year with $40,000—$41K if you count my condo I live in Seattle)—plus a rental income of over $28,000/ month! 

My goal is to get to 100 units by the end of 2022. I am currently looking at a 76-unit package and multiple other deals weekly to get there! I hope this calculator helps you make more informed decisions! Feel free to reach out to me on any of my socials! Looking forward to talking with you! 

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