Icons of Real Estate | How to Manage Your Rental Properties

Join host of Icons of Real Estate Timothy Calaway as he speaks with RentRedi CEO Ryan Barone on how to manage your rental properties. 

Tune in as Ryan and Timothy discuss how RentRedi is an app that helps landlords efficiently manage their rental properties. Plus, learn more about all the features it has to offer!

Icons of Real Estate | How to Manage Your Rental Properties

More About RentRedi

RentRedi is an end-to-end property management software for independent landlords to manage their rentals. You can use RentRedi to list units, find & screen tenants, sign leases, collect rent, and manage maintenance. For tenants, we have an app specifically designed to make their renting experience easier. They can pay rent and set up auto-pay. They can also prequalify and apply to your units, sign leases, report on-time rent payments, submit repair requests, and even purchase renter’s insurance.

With RentRedi, your renting process is infinitely simplified and streamlined. Now, you can spend less time managing your investment properties and more time traveling, spending time with friends and family, or just doing whatever you love!

Managing rentals doesn’t have to be a headache or hard. Get RentRedi and find out how we can change the way you manage properties for the better.