Landlord Rental Performance Report | RentRedi & Chandan Economics

The Independent Landlord Rental Performance report is a real-time look at how well real estate investors & rental property owners are collecting monthly rent payments.

Utilizing data provided by property management software RentRedi, these findings track the performance of 20,000 rental units. The data was analyzed, and reported by Chandan Economics and examines data from March 2020 forward, with new rental trends and analyses.

Performance trends are discussed nationally, as well as along the lines of residential property type and geography.

On-time rent payments by property type

Notably, this report tracks a segment of landlords that are underrepresented in leading market samples. For example, while the National Multifamily Housing Council’s (NMHC) Rent Tracker represents exclusively the professionally managed segment of the rental housing sector, and not independent or DIY landlords.

Who are single family renters? Image from Landlord Rental Performance Report.

Landlord Rental Performance Report | RentRedi & Chandan Economics

This report contains real estate & rental market data that may provide investors, brokers, academic researchers, and policymakers a benchmark to compare the performance and health of independent landlords versus professional managers tracked by NMHC.

It also features premium data around on-time rent payments:

  • On-time collection rates have now dropped in four consecutive months and sit at their lowest rate since February 2021.
  • The full rent payment collection rate for November rent charges currently stands at 85.2%
  • December’s preliminary on-time rent collection rate estimate (77.6%) dropped, reflecting a continued downward trend in performance.

About RentRedi

RentRedi is a property management software that transforms the way landlords and tenants manage their renting experience. 

For landlords, RentRedi provides all-in-one web and mobile apps to collect rent, list & market vacancies, find & screen tenants, sign leases, and manage maintenance & accounting. RentRedi has partnered with platforms including TransUnion, REI Hub, Plaid, Latchel, TSYS, Sure Insurance, and, and Zillow to create the best experience possible. 

For tenants, RentRedi’s easy-to-use mobile app allows them to pay rent, set up auto-pay, report rent payments to credit bureaus, prequalify & sign leases, and submit maintenance requests.

About Chandan Economics

Established in 2008, Chandan Economics is a leading provider of economic advisory and data science services to commercial real estate investors, lenders, service firms, and regulators.

The firm’s primary businesses include Real Estate Data Science (REDS), Economic & Market Research, and Litigation Consulting.

REDS supports real estate lenders, investors, and others in leveraging their data resources in business decision-making by improving data collection and warehousing processes and the development of proprietary credit risk and investment analysis models. REDS also maintains Chandan Economics’ proprietary database of multifamily loans, searchable using the LoanComps interface.