Rental Property Accounting Integration for Landlords

RentRedi is excited to announce our most recent integration: rental property accounting for landlords!

Now, you can easily integrate your rental property books all from your RentRedi account!

Sign Up for the Integration

  1. First, log in to your RentRedi account
  2. Then, select “Add Accounting” from the left-hand hamburger menu and click “Sign In / Sign Up”
  3. Next, click “Get Started” for your eligible plan (automatically selected based on how many units you have in RentRedi)
  4. Finally, complete your purchase to manage your books!

Why Use Rental Property Accounting Software?

Initially, there appear to be a lot of options on the market for accounting. However, using accounting software specially designed for real estate investing is the best option for rental property owners.

Therefore, regardless of your experience level, RentRedi’s accounting integration provides easy templates and frameworks to use. Essentially, this makes your real estate accounting more efficient and ensures that you (or your bookkeepers or CPAs) have an easy-to-understand system to manage your property’s books & reports.

Additionally, when it comes to tax season, you can avoid the usual tax woes with REI Hub. Now, you can view your fixed asset schedule, use built-in Schedule-E reports, and pull profit and loss statements!

  1. Sync properties & charges. Automatically transfer properties & charges from your RentRedi profile to REI Hub.
  2. Link your accounts. Link your bank and credit card accounts electronically for easy, automatic transaction imports.
  3. Track income & expenses. Use matching rules and payment templates to speed up your bookkeeping.
  4. Pull reports & statements by property. View your profit & loss or cash flow by property. Produce your portfolio’s balance sheet, schedule E’s, and more!

Features of Rental Property Accounting

  • Easy setup for rentals
  • Property-based reporting
  • Track income and expenses
  • Rental specific templates
  • Tax ready reports
  • Fixed asset tracking
  • Document storage
  • Mileage log