Top 5 RentRedi Property Management Software Features

Ahhh, property management software—where would we be without it?

Wait…you’re not using property management software!? 

Well, let’s change that. We’ll go over the top features that RentRedi offers so you can have a good understanding of just how awesome property management software can be when it comes to managing your rentals!

Rent Collection & Accounting

Let’s be real: rent collection and accounting can be the biggest hiccups when it comes to managing properties. Not only do you have to figure out a decent and efficient way to collect rent, but you also have to crunch those numbers come tax season.

What better way to streamline your accounting and rent management than with property management software?

RentRedi’s software includes:

  • Automatic rent collection
  • Automatic rent reminders
  • Customizable charges
  • Customizable reports
  • Deposit tracking
  • ACH, Card, and Cash transactions
  • Tenant web and mobile app to pay rent
  • Add-on accounting software

Prequalifications, Applications, & Tenant Screening

Now, tenant screening—there’s a big one! After all, who you put in your rentals is just as important for protecting your properties as landlord insurance, inspections, and maintenance.

What you’ll want is to make sure that any tenant screening provides you with a complete picture of who the applicant is.

RentRedi’s tenant screening features include:

  • Prequalification form where the tenant can submit self-reported income & credit score
  • Full, comprehensive application form built into the app
  • Complete tenant screening check: credit, criminal, and eviction report
  • Auto-tenant screening to pull background checks when the tenant submits an application

Maintenance Requests & Coordination

Maintenance can be a huge hurdle between landlords and tenants, but at the end of the day, both parties just want to keep the property well-maintained and in good shape. That’s where maintenance requests and coordination centers come in.

Now, from RentRedi, there are two major ways you can handle maintenance. Either with yourself & your own team or with an outsourced contractor & coordination team—whatever’s easiest and most efficient for your business.

  • Maintenance video requests—get video of the issue sent right to your RentRedi dashboard
  • Add your maintenance team for free so they can video the issue
  • Tenants get status updates
  • Outsource your maintenance to a premium maintenance team, they will field all calls and dispatch contractors as needed to your rentals

Listings & Marketing

Of course, you can manage a rental if it has no tenants! Finding tenants via advertising is naturally a critical part of property management software. 

Fortunately, RentRedi offers a variety of tactics you can use to list your rentals and find tenants.

  • Listings to Zillow &
  • Professional marketing page
  • Use professional marketing page to post on Facebook, Craigslist, website text, email, or any other social media you prefer

Tenant & Team Communications

The number priority of any good business? COMMUNICATION.

In RentRedi, for example, you get:

  • Unlimited units, properties, & tenants
  • Add your teammates, property managers, and maintenance for free
  • Automatic rent reminders
  • Customizable text and email notifications
  • Document storage & lease signing

Benefits of Property Management Software

Probably the most important benefit of property management software that doesn’t get talked about amongst all the fancy features is how it centralizes all of your documents, notifications, team, tenants, and properties in one location.

If you’re ready to get started exploring property management software, sign up to check out RentRedi, watch a demo, or use the blue chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen to get started!