How to Report Rent Payments to Credit Bureau

RentRedi is excited to announce that tenants can now report their rent payments to a credit bureau when they pay rent via their RentRedi tenant app!

When you pay rent through the RentRedi app, you can report all on-time rent payments to TransUnion and Experian to boost your credit score by up to 26 points!

60% of renters even see improvements after 1 month! 

How to get my landlord to report rent payments to credit bureau?

No action is needed from your landlord to add your rent payments to your credit report! You can sign up directly in your RentRedi tenant app and get started ASAP! Rent payments made via RentRedi will be reported directly to TransUnion and Experian.

How to start reporting rent payments on credit report?

You can improve your credit score up to 26 points over 12 months when you submit your monthly, on-time rent payments to credit bureaus.

  1. Log in to the RentRent mobile app for tenants
  2. Go to “Rent” on the home menu and choose “Report Rent”
  3. Select your rent reporting plan (entire lease, 3-months, monthly)
  4. Select “Add Past Payments” to also report past rent payments!

How to get previous rent payments on credit report?

When you select your rent reporting plan, you can also choose to report your past rent payments as well!

Simply tap “Add Past Payments” to add previously paid rent payments on RentRedi.

How much does it cost to report rent payments to credit bureau?

With RentRedi, you have 3 options when it comes to reporting your rent payments.

  • Monthly: $5.99/mo
  • 3-Month: $4.99/mo
  • Entire Lease $3.99/mo

Which credit bureaus do you report rent payments to?

We report your on-time rent payments to TransUnion and Experian. TransUnion is the same company that does credit & background screening for new tenants on RentRedi.

They use the information to increase your FICO credit score. You can learn more about the TransUnion ResidentCredit program here.

Can I build my credit history with RentRedi?

Yes! When you start reporting rent to credit bureaus, you choose to use all on-time rent payments you’ve made through RentRedi to help build your score.

You will be able to report all your rent payments made through RentRedi as long as you are a tenant using RentRedi.

If you’re interested in getting started with reporting your rent payments to boost your credit score, get started by downloading the RentRedi tenant app!