Using Tech To Revolutionize Your Real Estate Experience

Real estate investing can be scary at first but exciting after you’ve secured your first property. Importantly, once you’ve started building your portfolio—or even before—it’s critical you have all the tools you’ll need to effectively buy, manage, and learn about real estate.

Now, there are three key tools at your disposal to learn more about investing, find off-market deals, and manage your investment properties.


BiggerPockets is a powerhouse of educational resources and forums you can use to take hold of your real estate investing career. Importantly, the site offers a network of people, podcasts, articles, and books you can use to learn more about how to start and scale your investment portfolio.

First, we highly recommend checking out David Greene and Rob Abasolo’s Real Estate podcast and Ashley Kehr and Tony J. Robinson’s Real Estate Rookie podcast! Fortunately, both podcasts offer expert insight into real estate investing no matter what stage of your career you are at!


Second, if you are a real estate investor looking for your next deal, Invelo is the ultimate tool. Invelo is an advanced platform for real estate investors to build, manage, and grow their businesses – all in one place. 

Invelo features various tools to manage every aspect of your real estate investing business. Luckily, these tools include a robust list builder, a fully functional CRM designed with real estate investors in mind, a comprehensive set of marketing tools to create custom, multi-touch campaigns, in-depth real estate investing training, and masterclasses from some of the best in the business.

Additionally, Invelo was made by investors, for investors! Therefore, you won’t have to switch between platforms and maintain multiple subscriptions – Invelo can do it all! 


So, you’ve learned all about real estate investing, bought a property or two—how do you manage those properties? Now, that’s where RentRedi comes in!

RentRedi is a leading property management software used by landlords and investors to manage and scale their properties. Luckily, with RentRedi’s tech, you can manage an unlimited number of properties with ALL the features you’ll need. 

Further, these features include rent collection, tenant screening, marketing & listing units, signing leases, and managing maintenance and accounting. All the areas of business management that investors need to focus on to be successful. 

RentRedi has the power tools to help landlords centralize their properties and manage them effectively.

Using Tech To Revolutionize Your Real Estate Experience

There you have it! Fortunately, there is a trifecta of technology to enhance your real estate investing experience. Have any questions about how these tools work? Drop a comment below and we’ll help you out!