Maintenance Requests With Video

When a tenant has maintenance requests, it’s difficult to gauge the priority or severity of the issue unless you can see it for yourself. However, this can also be an issue if you’re traveling, long-distance, or just currently unable to run over to the property in person.

Fortunately, RentRedi’s landlord-tenant software has made it easier than ever to manage repair requests.

Long gone are the days of trying to decipher vague texts from tenants that say “sink’s broken”. Now, you can get a 5-second video of the issue to determine the issue your tenant is trying to convey. We also help you manage, track, and prioritize, and assign maintenance requests to teammates.

Are we innovative? Yes.

Are we solving your maintenance issues? Hell yes.

Are we humble? Also yes.

Maintenance Requests With Video

RentRedi’s maintenance features allow tenants to record and send a 5-second video of any problem the tenant wishes to report to their landlord. This way, instead of the landlord trying to guess the exact issue without any context or prioritize the repair without any reference point, they can now see directly what the problem is and act accordingly.

maintenance requests with video gif: gif of dripping faucet with a small blue box saying "received 1 new maintenance request"

Categorizing Repairs

Once the tenant sends the maintenance request, the landlord is notified and can immediately see the category of the request (i.e., “water” or “heat/ac”) and prioritize it. Additionally, the landlord can connect maintenance personnel and teammates (for free!) and send the request to them. 

Connecting Your Maintenance Team

Teammate and maintenance personnel accounts are free, so it’s easier than ever to assign tasks to whoever will be responsible for resolving the problem. Additionally, everyone is automatically notified when an update is made!

Tracking Maintenance Requests

Our maintenance features make it easy for everyoneーtenants, roommates, landlords, and maintenance personnel—to stay on the same page. When maintenance personnel (or landlords) change the status of the request (i.e., from “in-progress” to “complete”), tenants, teammates, and landlords are automatically notified of the update.

Want to see our maintenance requests in action? Watch the video!