Why Landlords are Outsourcing Showings

As a landlord, you have plenty of responsibilities to juggle from advertising your properties, screening tenants, maintenance, and attending to tenant issues as they arise. It can be a daunting task to add scheduling and performing property showings to the mix, especially when you’ve got more than one property to look after. 

Many property managers have made the switch to outsourcing showings and using on-demand showing agents. Hiring showing agents to assist you in showing the property has become a trend among landlords. They’ve discovered the convenience and cost efficiencies of asking for help.

1. Professionalism

Hiring a licensed showing agent adds an immediate level of professionalism and credibility to the tour of your property. These agents are trained professionals who are skilled in highlighting the unique features of your property and are better equipped to answer any questions that potential tenants may have. A good showing agent knows how to sell the features of your property without making it seem too pushy or overly salesy. They are a great way to make sure the property’s value is well communicated.

2. Time-Saving

As a landlord with a full-time job, managing a rental property can be overwhelming due to time constraints. One of the major advantages of employing a showing agent is their ability to free you up from the hassle of attending showings. The amount of time and effort a landlord spends coordinating times between themselves and the tenants is often avoided by hiring a showings agent who makes sure the property will be shown whenever possible.

3. They are Available When You Aren’t

Looking to take a trip out of the country? Feeling sick? or have plans over the weekend? In any circumstance, you aren’t able to show your property to potential tenants. Which increases the number of days your home sits on the market.

4. Alternative Use For Showing Agents

Need someone to take a look at your property and highlight a few things that could use updating before the property is shown? Ask an agent to conduct a condition report after you’ve moved the tenants out or after a contractor has updated your property. Licensed agents know what condition a home should be in prior to anyone moving in and they can even provide some insight on quick fixes to increase the value of the property.

Outsourcing Showings to Agents

Hiring a showing agent is a great solution to most of the challenges faced by landlords when scheduling showings. It provides a level of comfort and professionalism to each viewing and frees up valuable time and resources for the landlord. As a landlord, you can get the best of both worlds, saving time and presenting your property in the best possible way to prospective tenants. Overall, employing a showings agent will save you money in the long run and ensure that you get the best possible tenants in your rental property.

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