Why You’ll Love RentRedi

Technology has created a world where people can have all their data at their fingertips immediately. And now, tech can be used to solve renting issues.

Over 44 million people in the US rent, so it’s necessary to develop technology that eliminates renting obstacles. RentRedi is helping solve the problem millions of landlords and their tenants face by changing the landscape of the renting world as we know it.

About RentRedi

RentRedi started when CEO Ryan Barone lost out on a great apartment in New York City. While applying to apartments, he found that he and his friends couldn’t collect the necessary documents to secure a rental.

And it wasn’t just an issue for him.

While speaking with other landlords and tenants, Ryan found the application process difficult on both ends of the spectrum. Quickly securing, sending, and storing documents was an issue—and the idea for RentRedi was born.

“I started building RentRedi as an app to store tenant applications and documents. Rent collection, listing units, tenant screening, and video maintenance requests all came from one-on-one conversations with landlords. They told me what hurdles they faced in the modern renting world. We began integrating solutions into RentRedi.”

– Ryan Barone, CEO & Founder

Now, RentRedi is an end-to-end solution for property management software that helps landlords and tenants manage the renting process. The company has raised over $17M in total funding. The platform has over $10 Billion in assets under management and +15,000 landlords actively managing +100,000 units across all 50 states.

Powered By Customer Feedback

RentRedi is unique in that we are powered by customer feedback. While other similar technologies stay stagnant, we are constantly growing to enhance our users’ experience based on direct input. We strive to meet the standard of excellence expected from our customers. RentRedi provides them with the tech they need to create a seamless renting process for both landlords and tenants.

These features benefit both landlords and tenants—and a good example of this is our credit-boosting feature. This offering enables tenants to sign up to improve their credit score by reporting on-time rent payments to our partners, TransUnion and Experian. For landlords, this feature offers tenants an incentive to pay rent on time and can function as an attractive amenity to applicants.

Our tech is modern, agile, and scalable. The user experience and interface is built to create a technology-driven renting experience that empowers investors to scale their business without clunky, outdated software holding them back. 

Award-Winning Property Management Software

Additionally, RentRedi provides award-winning customer service.

Our customer satisfaction is our primary concern and what drives our product releases. We strive to create a modern, end-to-end solution for independent landlords and investors. We build tech that allows them to seize real estate investing opportunities. They know they have property management software that enables them to manage their properties effortlessly and efficiently.

This approach is unique because it demonstrates that our product is continually evolving as the needs of our customers evolve. We’re not providing outdated, clunky software. We’re providing top-of-line, seamless tech to serve our customers with their property management software needs. 

RentRedi reviews highlight how great our tech is. We have been named most promising PropTech solution, best rental payment software by customer satisfaction, best customer support, best return on investment, and best overall performance.

Most recently, we have won 2022 Tenant Portal Solution of the Year by PropTech Breakthrough, 2022 CRE Tech Influencer from GlobeSt Real Estate Forum, and G2’s Momentum Leader and High Performer of 2022.

RentRedi is property management technology that enables landlords to collect rent, list units, manage maintenance, screen tenants, and sign leases. All from web and mobile apps. For tenants, RentRedi has built a comprehensive and sleek mobile app. This app helps them pay rent, build their credit, set up auto-pay, purchase renters insurance, and apply to vacant rentals.