Check out this video on the BiggerPockets and RentRedi partnership.

BiggerPockets & RentRedi Partnership

BiggerPockets is the largest real estate community online. If you’re a real estate investor, you will love this resource. You can network with other real estate investors and landlords looking to connect over investment types and strategies, including long-distance investing, AirBnB Arbitrage, sensible tax management, and more.

Recently, BiggerPockets partnered with RentRedi to provide its Pro members with free property management software.

BiggerPockets PRO Membership

Why is a BiggerPockets PRO membership important? BiggerPockets PRO is a comprehensive resource and community to turn to when you need help that can benefit your business. BiggerPockets PRO also has a wealth of resources and a BiggerPockets store where you can buy books and t-shirts. One of the books that can help jumpstart your journey is The BiggerPockets Intention Journal.

BiggerPockets is also a partner of RentRedi. With the BiggerPockets PRO membership, you can access a one-stop shop to start, scale, and manage your portfolio.

Are you a BiggerPockets PRO member? Get RentRedi Free with your BiggerPockets Pro Membership.

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How RentRedi Was Born – Ryan’s Rental Experience Was Anything But Easy

Ryan first began RentRedi after learning a couple of hard lessons about trying to rent in NYC. He could not secure an apartment without gathering all the necessary documentation. After this experience, he began speaking with landlords and tenants about their renting issues. From these conversations, Ryan realized that many of the real estate hurdles mentioned by landlords and tenants could be solved with tech. And the idea for RentRedi was born.

Meet Ryan – RentRedi’s CEO

Recently Featured on the BiggerPockets Podcast

Recently, RentRedi CEO Ryan Barone was featured on the BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing podcast, hosted by David Green and Rob Abasolo. Additionally, Ashley Kehr was featured on the show and presented a fantastic live product demonstration with Ryan.

Tune in to the podcast or read more about RentRedi’s story on BiggerPockets.

Get Started with RentRedi

RentRedi is taking the real estate industry by storm. Our BiggerPockets partnership is just the start of more great things to come. Learn more about RentRedi or sign up to get started today.