How I Started Investing in Real Estate | Video

The best way to learn about how to start investing in real estate is to hear the experts talk about their journeys.

Today, we welcome a new host Laura Alamery. Laura is a nationally known real estate investment mentor. She is dedicated to helping others start & succeed in their real estate careers and reach financial independence.

Laura shares how her real estate journey began with a goal of making $5,000/mo to stay home with her kids. She wanted to avoid working a corporate 9-to-5. As she gained traction in her investing career, she accumulated 40 doors in 18 months. And exceeded her goal by making $8,000-$10,000 a month!

From her kitchen table, she was able to jump-start her career. She began by simply having a conversation with rental property owners. Eventually, buying their properties—all without bank financing or personal credit checks.

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