4 Ways to Market for Referrals for Property Management Software 

What is a referral program and how do you market for referrals for property management software for your benefit?

If you’re a landlord who uses a property management system for your rentals, you usually get many great benefits like online rent collection, listing your properties for rent, finding & screening tenants, signing leases, and managing maintenance & accounting — the list goes on!

Additionally, property management software like RentRedi has the additional member perk of being able to share a referral link to your friends that gives you money back when they purchase.

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RentRedi’s referrals for our property management software gives you $50 per landlord subscriber who signs up using your link. (They also can get $50 off our annual—an added incentive for them to sign up!)

However, if you’re not a marketing professional, you might be wondering how to market for referrals for property management software.

Be actively posting to social & reaching out to friends and family

If you have a network, make sure you’re using it! Here are a few ideas of where you can post your referral program!

  1. Post to Your TikTok
  2. Post to Your Insta
  3. Post to Your Other Social Media
  4. Send a Text
  5. Send an Email
  6. Add to Your Business Card
  7. Add to Your Business Website

Be sure to highlight the benefits of the property management software

To market for referrals for property management software, of course, you’ll need to do a little persuasion of the benefits of using RentRedi. For example,

  • Online rent collection
  • Managing maintenance
  • Listing & marketing units
  • Finding & screening tenants
  • Accounting
  • Applications & prequalifications

However, the best kind of selling point is what YOU love most. So if there’s a feature you absolutely love about RentRedi, make sure to highlight that feature with your genuine thoughts and authentic enthusiasm.

Share other reviews of the software

If your network needs a little more convincing, another strategy to market your fave property management software to get that referral income is by sharing other landlord reviews!

On RentRedi’s reviews page, you can see our award-winning product badges and reviews! You can also showcase the highlighted reviews by simply sharing this post.

Be sure to highlight the deal your referral is getting

The #1 referral marketing strategy for RentRedi’s property management software is to ensure your network knows the deal they’re getting. For example, you earn $50 for an approved landlord subscriber—big whoop to your friends, right?

HOWEVER, they get RentRedi’s product for 12 months for $94! That is a sweet deal!

How to Market for Referrals for Property Management Software

Use the above tips to market your referral link and earn money from RentRedi. You can buy all kinds of things from Amazon, Etsy, Starbucks, Target, Wal-Mart…we won’t tell a soul. 😉